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These are ones that I use or have used all the time! I am putting them into categories to help you find them. Some are freeware (no cost) or shareware (try first - pay only if you like it). Some are free, but offer a Premiun (paid) version with more features. Please read the descriptions for each before downloading the programs. Some will download from here (this website) and some will require you to go to their website to download. Most require some registration process either at the time of download or later after a specified time period. Bookmark this page as I will from time to time I will add more programs here.

United States - Norton Anti Virus 2008

Firewalls - stand alone programs

Zone alarm Pro - The best firewall (free version, paid version)

Do you trust Windows XP firewall? I don't,for sure! Running an earlier version of Windows, more reason to protect yourself. ID thieft is a big problem, a good firewall is the answer. Zone Alarm makes your computer "stealth" or hidden, which many firewall don't. If they can't see you, they can't find and hack you..

Download the best firewall

Combination Security Programs

Kaspersky Internet Security 7.0

~ Mail Programs ~

Thunderbird (freeware)

The Firefox people (Mozilla) also offer a FREE E-mail program called Thunderbird. Really good!! Lots of neat features, add ons. Again open source. Maybe time to let the OUTLOOK or OE go also.
Get Thunderbird!

Incredimail (freeware or Premium)

This one has been around for a while but the new version has out done itself. It takes a small FREE download to set up an email client that has all (it walks you through the process) but over taken my Outlook Express 6.0. I have made the Incredimail program my default email program on all three of my computers. With incredimail I can add graphics, sound, ecards and stationary to all my emails. I have mine set up to show going mail as coming from my web based hotmail account, even thought it is coming from my desktop and local ISP. There are lots of neat notifiers that pop up with sounds when incredimail receives incoming mail, too. They have a premium program that they sell with extras, which I have purchased, but you are licensed to use the FREE program "for your lifetime." The free version leaves a " tag line" (a small ad) at the bottom of your out going e-mails. The premium version doesn't use your e-mails to advertise their program.

It's Just Better Email
Get New Emoticons
2) a PRO version (full features, unlimited use with tech support and backup)

~ Optional, but great programs ~

AZZ Cardfile (Trial/Paid) various ways to get a free licence on website

Here is a computer question: Do you remember the Windows Cardfile? You only will, if you have been around computers for awhile. The Windows clipboard was introduced in Windows 95 and disappeared in Windows 98. This short lived program was very handy. It was like having a stack of 3x5 index cards on your computer. Azz Cardfile is simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer software without predefined fields, it can be set to specific use as Recipe Software, Contacts Database, Address Book, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Simple Database, Organizer for Notes, References or any other items. It's uses were basically unlimited. It could be an address/phone book, it could be a recipe file (like grandma had without the tin box). Too bad that everything has to be programed for us today.

Robo Form? (Freeware, Paid version available)

Internet security people suggest that you use different user names and/or passwords on the various websites that require them. They also suggest changing them periodically, at let twice a year. That way. if someone does find out your user name and password, they will not gain access to all your personal information with that single combination. They also suggest that you use alpha-numerical passwords, ones that contain both numbers and letters in each password. These are harder to remember. There in lies a BIG problem - You remembering your own passwords. Making paper lists is cumbersome, at best. Password "safe", computers programs that store your lists are better. The best and easiest way are programs that remember your passwords and "sense" which web page that your are at in your browser are better. I have now become a big fan of Robo Form.

Robo form is not spyware, has No ads or displays, No pop up windows. If you click on either banner below you will get the entire program (2 in 1) as a download. This is the FREE version. It has some features that expire in 30 days, but the program will work indefinitely. You can upgrade to the shareware version at any time, if you want the extra features.

" "marks at the beginning of each line in that e-mail. A real time saver. This program is getting hard to find, so get a copy now. This newer version 2.02 is a zip file. I have not found a newer version and they may NOT be making one, anymore. (their web site is gone). There are a couple of newer programs, but they leave a "tag line" (a small ad) at the bottom of your out going e-mails. This "older" version doesn't use your e-mails to advertise their program. Nice!

DOWNLOAD NOW version 2.01 (Self extracting exe file)

NOTE: If you have any problem with downloading and/or installing any of these programs, please let me know. Use the contact form below.

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