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The Internet is a fun place to meet people and make a little money too. My name is Truman and many years ago I fell in love with my computer. LOL. Now that the rural side of Nevada has found the Internet, I am learning that I can make a little money while doing what I like to do. The things mentioned on this web site might not make you rich, but they might help pay your Internet bill. :-)

I am not into multi-level marketing or other business plans that only make the founders money, so you wouldn't find them here. What you will find are ways to make friends and some money while doing what you like to do on the Internet. Recently I sent an e-mail to a very good friend that is heavy into the money making plans. I explain to her what has happen since this web site was started and how I feel about some of these plans. CLICK HERE to read that letter. (very interesting)

I did own my own computer business, doing computer repair, servicing, web design, training and tutoring and throughly enjoy my work. It is my goal to become self suficent and enjoy my remaining years building my own business instead of someone else's business. I have done that most of my life.

The main reason that I started these pages here is that my other web site provider has all sorts of rules and has asked me to to remove some of pages. They violated their rules about non-approved businesses and making money. I guess they are the only ones allowed to do that. :-(

I moved to a second "free" web host and for another year stayed there. When the dot.com market dropped they started adding many pop up ads to my web site. These became very bothersome to my visitors, especially those with older computers. Then I noticed the increase in pronography ads. I objected to these as a Christian, but the web host didn't listen. He was making money. I finally decided to move here even though these are NOT "free" web pages. I needed to be free!

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Someone wrote me and stated that this website was hard to navigate. This table was right here at the time and serves as a road map. I don't like websites that "lead you" with next buttons. (I really don't like frames, either) We are all old enough (& smart enough) to make choices as to what we want to see next. After you have finished viewing that page, come back to this table and make another choice. Don't worry the button at the bottom of each page you go to brings you right back to this page and not some webmaster's "endless journey". ~grin~

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